Robyn Helzner Jewish Heritage Tours





Xi'an: We encountered the famous Terra-Cotta Warriors, visited the Great Mosque and learned about the merchants (including Jews) who journeyed to China along the Silk Road. Hong Kong: We celebrated Shabbat with the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong and visited the historic Ohel Leah synagogue. Excursions to Victoria Peak, Stanley Market, and a ride on the Star Ferry capped our exciting adventure. Our tour guides were fabulous, the weather was spectacular and the sites were astounding. We sang, we danced, we ate, and we explored China with a uniquely Jewish focus, experiencing past and present Jewish life in fascinating and unexpected ways. The next Kreplach & Dim Sum Jewish Heritage Tour to China is planned for October 2017. In addition to the cities included on the 2015 tour, we plan to visit the ancient Chinese capital of Kaifeng, where Jews lived peacefully and harmoniously for centuries. For more information, please contact Xie, xie! (Thank you!)