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Through entrancing Ladino songs, stories and images, Robyn magically transports audiences to the heart of Jewish Spain. Her captivating presentation brings to life the once flourishing Jewish communities of Toledo, Córdoba and Seville. In exploring the resurgence of a modern Jewish presence in Barcelona and Madrid, A Key to the Casa celebrates the remarkable resilience of the Jewish people.
 Lyrics to the songs are projected so everyone can join in the singing. A stunning vocalist and vivid storyteller, Robyn radiates a passion for Jewish music and culture. She also leads Jewish Heritage Tours to Spain and to China. “The audience loved you!” — Bureau of Jewish Education, Scottsdale, AZ “What a terrific program! Robyn has a beautiful voice and is a very engaging speaker.” — Temple Beth-El, Las Cruces, NM IDEAL FOR: Adult Education • Lecture Series • Workshop Presentations
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